Labrador Retriever: Between Myth and Reality

Labrador Retriever Between Myth and Reality

Fiercely loyal and protective, happiness-generating, socially intelligent, and surprisingly ethical.

Labradors, being Man’s befriend, constructs an astonishingly well-organized social frame, they, in effect, make tenets and follow them, among which fairness, honesty, admitting their faults, and asking for permission are unshakably fundamental.

Whereas there are some indisputable facts about this fascinating breed, Labradors have often been prone to myths so much, so we no longer know which is which.

This article, therefore, debunks some myths, while proving some others.

Debunking the Myths

  • Silver Labradors myth: there are only black, yellow, and chocolate retrievers. Yellow Labradors ranges from almost white to dark red, and chocolate labs from a medium to dark brown. The belief in the existence of Silver retrievers is just a myth.
  • The American Kennel Club Breed standard declares: “Labrador Retriever coat colors are black, yellow and chocolate. Any other color or a combination of colors is a disqualification.”
  • The unshakable calmness myth: it is undeniable that Labradors proved to be calm and friendly; however, as enthusiastic and energetic as they are, their calmness is questionable. Their natural energy would often result in hyperactivity and unceasable jumping and running.
  • Natural retrievers’ myth: notably, there are no natural retrievers. It always is the result of a long history of proper training. Even if they were blessed with physical characteristics that facilitate their retrieving mission, training is crucial for persistent capabilities.   
  • Once trained, always trained myth: being successfully trained and finally meeting the trainer’s objective doesn’t mean that the dog is immune to poor performances. In fact, he needs to exercise so as not to lose his acquired capabilities continually.
  • Training Collars myth: it has been wrongly disseminated that using e-collars in training would diminish their enthusiasm and make them work in an atmosphere of fear and frustration. They, in fact, are such useful tools to solve recall problems.
  • Market gunner breeding The Chessie: however plausible it may seem, it has been unsubstantiated. Indeed, it was proven that they lacked the financial resources to develop a breed of their own.
  • Black Labradors are naughtier than their yellow counterparts: coat color does not justify nor affect dogs’ behavior.
  • Labradors do not shed hair: having short hair does not immune them to shed. It is a natural process and happens typically with the coming of Spring and Autumn. In these two periods, Labradors tend to shed a frighteningly huge amount of hair, as they change their summer or winter coat.

Proven Facts

  • The soft mouth myth: it is true that Labradors have amazingly soft mouths. They can gently handle anything without breaking it, even an egg! This is due to their ancestor’s, the St. John’s Dog, who were trained to use their mouths while doing a myriad of tasks.
  • A Labrador elected as mayor: it sounds too crazy and unreasonable to be true, but it is. In 1981, in California, the black Labrador, Bosco won the election over two human candidates, to serve until he died in1994.

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